What is the 8 Week to Super Freak Challenge


Every year, Gym Cartel runs The 8 Week to Super Freak Challenge. An eight-week, community-building, habit-changing game that challenges you to create a happier, healthier life by making changes to your daily habits.

Playing along with your allocated team and coach, you’ll be challenged every day with tasks focusing on key areas of health and well-being: nutrition, exercise, mobilisation, sleep, and lifestyle practices.

Every year we evolve the challenge and make it better than the year before. This year is no exception as we include three new categories of entry to help guide you towards the results you want!

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Why do the challenge? Maybe you can imagine a different version of yourself? That person may be more active. They might be a leaner, fitter, stronger you. Or you might simply be looking for something different to enjoy and not feel stressed.

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You can register for the Gym Cartel 8 Week to Super Freak Challenge by clicking the link below. When you do, you'll fill out some simple details and you'll pay for registration. This charge gives you some skin in the game, a solid commitment towards making this work.

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